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 About Quantum Advisors Services

We specialize in finding different entries into investment opportunities that provide value to our clients, both in the bullish and bearish markets, taking advantage of the high price volatility that is increasingly common in the stock markets. We operate in a global context, combined with various asset selection, diversification and hedging strategies. All our advisory services are based on risk management according to the needs, objectives and guidelines of each client (see investment profiles). We provide a highly personalized service, designed to establish long-term relationships. We are aware and know that the greatest asset we have is the commitment of our people with each of our customers, and the ability to adapt to the market and the changing needs of our customers.

Our specialty 

QUANTUM Advisors, provides its advisory services in investments to clients in association with a set of institutions that offer private banking services, securities brokerage, custody of financial instruments, online trading systems and sources of financial information; allowing us to have access to a wide range of financial vehicles and benefit customers with independent, objective, transparent and safe advice. Our only business is the advising of investments and the management of assets of third parties or clients, held in investment accounts in your name in a Brokerage Firm, Investment Firm, or Custodian Institution. QUANTUM Advisors, does not receive custody of the money or the financial assets of its clients, thus avoiding the conflict of interest, and having only one objective in mind: “Procure the best benefit for the clients”. Whether you are starting to invest or have the need to evaluate your existing strategy, our team of investment advisors will help you prioritize your objectives and develop a suitable approach to your situation. QUANTUM Advisors assists its clients through three main services that assist their needs:

Our Methodology  

Our Investment Advisory service begins with a comprehensive interview with the client to analyze and define your investment profile based on your investment experience in the stock market, your acceptance of risk, the time allocated for your investment, your expectations of returns, their needs and objectives, among other factors that jointly allow us to determine with which custodian(s) it is convenient to establish your investment account, taking into consideration factors such as the initial amount of your investment, the type of assets in which you wish to invest, its potential operation, transaction costs, counterpart risk, the type of administration to be hired (discretionary administration or non-discretionary administration), among others. Once all these points have been defined, our team of advisers will be able to start working on your investment strategy.  For us, knowing the investment profile and the risk tolerance level of our clients are the cornerstone of our investment policy:

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