Quantum Advisors, Inc., is an investment advisory firm (“RIA”) domiciled in Panama, duly registered and authorized by the Superintendence of Securities Market under resolution SMV No. 204-2012, which focuses on guiding the investors regarding the convenience of investing in various instruments or financial assets listed in the Securities Markets as diversification alternatives and better performance to their investments.

The Team

The management and executive team of Quantum Advisors has extensive experience and joint experience spanning over 25 years of management in the international stock markets, having worked for leading investment companies in the US and Europe, with extensive knowledge in the transaction of stock values, the active shareholder analysis, the investment strategies, the structuring of portfolios, and the risk management with available stock hedges.

Concrete Benefits of the Quantum Advisors

  • Advisory Specialization: At Quantum Advisors we focus primarily on investment advice and investment portfolio management considering the most suitable vehicles for the client profile, providing a personalized service by offering the possibility of advising you in the management of your assets in a comprehensive manner.
  • Trajectory: The main partners of Quantum Advisors have proven experience in investment advising, with more than 25 years of continuous activity and proven track record of good repute.
  • Response Reaction Speed: We offer clients a clear and timely reading of the financial markets, as well as a quick reaction to any movement.
  • Independence without Conflict of Interest: Being an independent institution, we have all the freedom to advise our clients in an impartial way, looking only for their benefit. Quantum Advisors does not focus on managing third-party stock structures, i.e., mutual funds, structured products, structured notes, etc., allowing you to be totally objective in your stock selection process and investment portfolio management, avoiding managing such structures only for generating commissions, an aspect that places the client in the background as it usually happens with most firms that focus on managing this type of structure.
  • Information Access to Information: Analysis of timely and first level information that allows identifying investment opportunities.
  • Prudence and Risk Management: Diversification of products and markets (systematic risk and non-systematic risk), and the use of risk management (hedging).
  • Quality Service: Personalized attention and investment design tailored to the client’s investment profile.
  • Security Protection: As investment advisors, we recommend that clients use only financial intermediaries and custodian institutions regulated by regulatory bodies recognized by IOSCO through which clients will operate and maintain their assets and obtain transparency and periodic reports.
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