Investment Advisory 

The investment advisory process of QUANTUM Advisors, emphasizes the importance in meeting the needs of its customers. It systematically considers assets and liabilities as part of the patrimonial management of clients (structuring and investment of assets) consisting of the following phases:

I. Analysis and Definition of the Client Profile 

An in-depth analysis of the client’s needs provides the advisor with the information required for the aggregate knowledge of the client’s financial objectives, and to define the client’s financial profile, placing the advisor in an advantageous position to offer them the services they deserve. The financial profile is the core concept of financial advice and generally results in successful investment advice. The better the consultant can identify and record the needs of a client, the greater the chances that such a client will establish a sustainable relationship with QUANTUM Advisors.

II. Definition of the Investment Strategy to Implement 

Once the profile of the investor has been defined, the advisor can develop the investment strategy to meet the needs of the client and recommend it for its application. This investment strategy is achieved through the application of the scientific principles of advanced investment advice and risk management and is the plan to follow to recommend investments that produce successful returns.

III. Execution of the Strategy 

Finally, the implementation of the investment strategy for which the staff of QUANTUM Advisors will have those computer resources that generate financial solutions that allow the advisors to perform their functions effectively and inform their clients about the progress and quality of their work. These resources also give its analyst the possibility to access all available investigative tools, which should result in financial advice based on recent and accurate information.

IV. Validation of the Customer Profile, Supervision and Monitoring  

An intrinsic and continuous study of the needs and objectives of the client obtained through the application of the principles of investment advice, assists in the monitoring and supervision of the client as a participant investor in the securities market, subject to risks and consequent benefits to participate in that area. Constant attention to the client’s risk profile vis a vis the status quo of their account, and current market conditions, allows an understanding of the risks related to the investments made, as well as defining potential rebalancing and adaptations to the distribution of the assets held in the portfolio with the custodians and supervised by QUANTUM Advisors. The investment advisors of QUANTUM Advisors will dedicate their best efforts to manage this risk to obtain satisfactory returns for their clients.  To provide the best services, the company has specialists and people highly knowledgeable in matters of investment and risk management which allows us to develop long-term relationships and mutual benefit with our customers.