Publication Service of Studies, Analyisis and Reports on Capital Markets ​​and Investment Instruments

As established in Article 74 of the Sole Text of Decree Law 1 of July 8, 1999, on “Permitted Activities”, Investment Advisers may also prepare and publish financial studies or reports on securities and other financial instruments.  Quantum Advisors, Inc., will offer the service of preparing and publishing analysis, reports, and studies on financial markets, stock exchange indicators, securities and financial instruments, as well as the preparation of reports and studies of signals and alerts on diverse securities of general interest that will be selected, studied and monitored by our analysts, with the support of our analytical models and proprietary algorithms with the aim of providing information (studies, reports, and analysis) of reference in general for the benefit of users who operate their investments independently or wish to start in the securities market by their own means without having to hire our investment advisory or portfolio management services. Quantum Advisors will call this service generically, for marketing purposes, “QQuants” (“Quantum Quants“). The service will be presented on the basic information structure for reference use that includes both the analysis and the preparation of reports and studies:

  • The securities market in general from the perspective of its performance and diverse potential projections.
  • Generic reference ​​selected securities from diverse proprietary criteria and performance conditions for consideration as reference information.
  • Random signals and alerts of the securities market in general.
  • Access to our studies, reports, and stock market signals on specific securities, indicators or markets

Users of this service will benefit from being able to obtain useful information for such a modest monthly fee, hundreds of times less than what they would have to incur in managing this information by their own means, thus benefiting from having references analytics of the securities markets in such a way that this information serves as an informative reference framework.

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