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At Quantum Advisors, our employees are our most important asset. We are proud of their achievements and even more, proud of their great dedication and loyalty to our customers. We have a multidisciplinary team with a solid career in wealth management, investment services and merging with the extensive experience of its founding partners in the private banking sector, financial advice, real estate development and corporate legal services, allows us to provide our clientele answers and solutions to their needs. Our investment advisors are committed to building long-term relationships and partnering with you over time to help you achieve your financial goals.

Our Directors and Executive Team

Guillermo Ameglio

Founder – Director – President

Bachelor’s in business administration with major in finance from the University of Portland, OR, USA, and at master’s level and continuing education, specialized studies with emphasis in finance, asset management, investment fund management and financial structuring. Licensed Principal Officer, analyst and securities broker before the Superintendency of the Securities Market of Panama. In 1994 he joined the firm Momentum UK, Ltd., of London, England, (acquired by the UniCredito Italia group, and subsequently by the Pioneer Group and HSBC Luxembourg). Later, in the US, he joins as an Investment Advisor for the firm J.B. Hanauer & Co., (acquired by RBS Wealth Management–www.rbcwealthmanagement.com). In 1999, he returned to Panama to occupy the private banking management of Banco Continental Panamá. In 2000, he founded SAAMConsulting, a renowned consulting firm (today, QUANTUMConsulting–www.quantumcoinc.com) and in 2004 he founded SAAMInvestment investment adviser, together with the firm Galindo Arias y López (www.gala.com.pa), (today, QUANTUMAdvisors–www.quantumadvisorsinc.com). In 2011, he was invited to be part of the Board of Directors as Vice President of Multisecurities Securities Firm of the Banking Group MultiBank (www.multibank.com.pa), and then as General Manager and Chief Executive Officer of the same. His most recent involvement was as Vice President and Chief Executive Officer of the Securities Firm, Balboa Securities (www.balboasecurities.com) of the Balboa Bank and Trust Banking Group (hoy, BCT Bank – www.bctbank.com.pa), a position held until April 2016. He has more than twenty years of experience in the management of leading companies in the sectors of financial services, banking, asset management and business consulting. Extensive knowledge of financial engineering, asset management, hedging execution, and management of structured and derivative financial products, combined with extensive professional experience in the stock markets of the US, Europe and Latin America, and in the administration of investment portfolios for individual and institutional clients. He is an advisor and guest external director of several recognized investment firms.

Rafael Vizuette


Bachelor’s in business administration from Santa María La Antigua University. Financial analyst and investment advisor, and at the master’s level, specialized studies in Finance, with extensive training, training and continuing education in strategic management, asset management and business advice. He has over 15 years of experience providing consulting, training and business consulting in the areas of Marketing, Risk Management, Securities Trading, Rationalization and Organization; in Companies leading clients in the service sectors (financial / banking / asset management), real estate development and real estate and business consulting, collaborating initially with Banistmo in the Private Bank department and in the brokerage division, Banistmo Brokers as investment analyst.  In the year 2001, he joined SAAMConsulting and in year 2004 he collaborates as investment advisor for SAAMInvestments until the conversion of both firms into QUANTUMConsulting (www.quantumcoinc.com) and QUANTUMAdvisors (www.quantumadvisorsinc.com) respectivelly.  From 2013 to 2015 he held the position of Senior Investment Advisor at Multisecurities, directing the team of investment advisors of the firm and overseeing the investment advisory and client management functions. Then, he climbed to the position of Deputy Manager of Private Banking of Multibank (www.multibank.com.pa), directing the team of private banking officers in advising clients on new and novel operations and products of the bank. He has served as external advisor and chief executive officer of several local Securities Firms. Its professional focus in the stock market has been devoted to the due monitoring of the evolution of client portfolios, the fulfillment of its objectives and assigned goals, as well as the monitoring and control of them.

Francesca Ameglio

Founding Partner – Director

Degree in Law and Political Science from the University Santa Maria La Antigua, with studies in senior management, investment advisory; licensed compliance officer and chief executive before the Superintendency of Securities of Panama. Eighteen years of experience in consulting and business administration, with extensive professional development in the areas of management and compliance control, risk management, asset protection for national and international companies, including leading institutions in the financial services, banking, real estate development and commerce in general. More than fifteen years of experience in investment advising for individual and institutional clients in the stock markets (Panama, USA and Europe), and in the management of investment portfolios for individual and institutional clients (local and international). She held the position of General Secretary of the Panamanian Autonomous Cooperative Institute (IPACOOP – www.ipacoop.gob.pa), specifically in the period from October 2009 to February 2013, coordinating and promoting activities and programs that determine the development and strengthening of the cooperative model in Panama, in addition to the leadership responsibilities of the position. Currently, she serves as Chief Executive Officer of Quantum Advisors, Inc. She is a legal advisor to financial institutions and investment business developments, both nationally and internationally, and directly as Director / Dignitary / CEO of Quantum Advisors, Inc., investment adviser (2011 -2016), Director / Dignitary of GSM Financial Group (www.gsmfinancialgroup.com), Registered Issuer (2007 – 2016), Director / Dignitary Quantum Consulting Inc., Financial Consultant (2011-2016), Member of the Management Team (General Secretary) of the Autonomous Panamanian Institute – IPACOOP (2009-2013), President of the Liquidator / Administrator Commission of COACESS, RL (2013-2015 – www.coacecsspanama.com), Director / dignitary / Executive SAAM Investments, Inc., investment adviser (2003 -2009), Director / dignitary SAAM Consulting, Inc. (2003-2009). Chief Executive of Quantum Advisors, Inc. (to date).

Hernando Chiari


Graduated from the University of Panama, degree in Law, Professor of Philosophy and Ethics and Director of the Maat Panama Legal Institute for the promotion of the Philosophy of Law, is a Founding Partner of the firm Lopez, Morales and Chiari – Lawyers in Panama (www.lopezmoralesychiari.com), and director of Quantum Advisors. Through his professional practice he has demonstrated a commitment to Legal Ethics, a principle that governs the practice of the firm, and that has earned him the trust of his clients. Under his leadership López, Morales and Chiari – Abogados in Panama has generated and continues to design innovative solutions for its clients in the field of real estate, tax and corporate law.

Fernando Pérez

VP Investment Advisory Services

Attended International Bachelor’s Degree studies in International Business at Santa Maria la Antigua University, with attendance to executive training in “Value Investing” at various investment Summits at the University of Nebraska 2016 and 2017. He’s a frequent attendee of Berkshire Hathaway’s annual shareholders meetings (www.bershirehathaway.com) as Investment Advisor at Quantum Advisors and its EAM relationship with Geneva Asset Management, a financial firm of which he was an Investment Advisor assisting in the management of both individual and institutional clients’ portfolios from January 2016 to March 2019, date in which he joined Quantum Advisors team. Prior to joining the Geneva Asset Management team (www.genasset.com), he was a Senior Investment Advisor at Balboa Securities, a securities brokerage firm part of Balboa Bank & Trust group (today, BCT Bank – www.bctbank.com), in charge of managing individual clients’ investment portfolios from 2012 to December 2015. He held the position of Financial Analyst in the Securities Stock Exchange of Panama (www.panabolsa.com), from 2009 to 2011, being responsible for the development of weekly and monthly stock statistics, including the monitoring and analysis of BVP’s investment portfolios, as well as those of registered issuers and the investment prospectus of the new issues for the stock market. Throughout his professional career he has participated in conferences and recognized training programs, among them, the U.S. Securities Exchange Commission program for Regulation and Development of Capital Markets in Latin America, issued in San Jose, Costa Rica. 2009. He has an Analyst and Securities Broker License granted by the Superintendence of the Securities Market of Panama.

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