Securities Trading Advice

There is interest from a wide range of prospective clients, both new and experienced, to actively participate in the global stock market to ensure profits by taking exclusive advantage of the volatility of the markets. The above is achieved through speculative and active strategies based on a robust mix of fundamental and technical analysis of the stock market values ​​to be considered. Advice on Stock Management (Trading) The Advising in Stock Market Management (Trading) aims at an active and strategic short-term stock market positioning management, implementing the “Market Timing” with first level information, contrary to the traditional management of stock market positioning. long-term liability, known in Anglo-Saxon slang as, “Buy and Hold”. Thanks to the evolution of technology, our investment advisors are in constant communication with our clients, which allows us to assist them in the development of their investment plan. Through this service, QUANTUM Advisors assists prospective clients who, within their investment objective, contemplate venturing into the active management of securities with strategies adapted to market opportunities and the specific values ​​to be considered.

Why Securities Trading Advice? 

It is important to mention that asset management is currently based on the Financial Assets Valuation Model, called in English Capital Asset Pricing Model (CAPM) and the Modern Portfolio Theory (“Modern Portfolio Theory”), both linked to the Research works on the diversification of Henry Markowitz. There is also a scientific body that refutes the viability of these theories. Experiences in markets as a result of volatilities make it difficult to put this theory into practice and it works better if the client has more than 75 years to invest their capital! The accumulation of assets usually does not begin until the subsequent years of an investor are reached. The time limitation is the main problem of the Modern Portfolio Theory, because when an investor reaches the horizon of 50 years, he needs to reduce the risk in his portfolio by allocating less funds to active growth. Financial institutions, banks and big names on Wall Street promote the Modern Theory of Portfolios because an investment advisor can spend more time raising money and less time to properly manage assets under management. If an investor has delayed in achieving the accumulation of assets and has the need to generate income from capital gains and the like, with due control of their risk, the Modern Portfolio Theory is a bad option for the active management of their needs.

QUANTUM Advisors, counting with finance and investment professionals, believes that the strategy of implementing the “Market Timing” together with the “Management with Momentum Identification” (Momentum Trading), the Gaps Detection (” Gaps “-” Gap Trading “) and” Event Driven Trading “(” Event Driven Trading “) actually works, provided that a constant, concise, mathematical and objective methodology is applied.