QUANTUM Advisors, as an independent institution and seeking the benefit of its clients, has established strategic alliances with a select group of securities companies and custodians, leaders in their markets, with global reach and based on the main stock exchange centers of the world, allowing us to have a diversity of investment vehicles and offer a investment advisory services according to the risk profiles and the financial reality of each client. The main virtues and strengths of our strategic allies:

  • Independence: It is essential that clients have an independent custodian who is the guardian of their assets. This is a basic issue of security and risk management. The importance of independent and transparent custody of clients’ assets cannot be overemphasized and has taken on greater root relevance to the scandals of recent years. In addition, all customers can check the status of their accounts online at any time directly from their custodians.
  • Transparency: Customers keep their accounts in their name, opening them directly with the custodians of preference. Quantum Advisors does not receive client funds, nor does it have direct access to client funds. Quantum Advisors only manages the accounts of the clients held in the custodians following the parameters established and agreed with the clients.
  • IT Security: These are entities that make important investments in state-of-the-art security software, systems and procedures, and are constantly reviewing and improving their infrastructure.
  • Cutting-edge technology: They have technological platforms that make our advisory and management process more efficient. This allows us to improve efficiency and better manage your investments by being able to access a large amount of research information.
  • Customer Service: It has the support of a team dedicated to the institutional service, which additionally take care of all the reports, account statements, transfers, taxes and portfolio for each client.
  • The Universe of Investment Alternatives: Having access to more than 100 market centers in 24 countries, allows us to provide direct access through various investment vehicles (stocks, options, futures, bonds, ETF, REIT, CFD ‘s, mutual funds).
  • Financial Strength: all the custodians in alliance have more than 4 trillion in excess of capital, are regulated by the main regulatory entities at a global level, are public companies and listed in the main stock exchanges and have more than 40 years of operation in the international stock markets.

At QUANTUM Advisors we help you define with which custodian it is convenient to establish your investment account, considering factors such as the initial amount of your investment, the type of asset you wish to invest in, its potential operation, transaction costs, risk of counterpart, among others.

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