Aggressive and Active Profile 

The aggressive profile assesses profitability above all, seeking at all times the highest possible returns, assuming risks in the short term, which in some cases may or may not mitigate with diversification and / or with the use of coverage structures via synthetic instruments or derivatives. His tolerance to risk and volatility in the prices of securities is the highest of all the profiles, and he accepts having the necessary knowledge to manage, and the willingness to constantly update himself in the required information knowledge. Is willing to accept any losses in the valuation of your investment account because of aggressive and active negotiation management, which may require multiple daily or weekly transactions on the same value, always within the parameters accepted and allowed by the Houses of Values ​​of recognized jurisdictions (avoiding at all times the “churning” as it is known in the international stock markets). This profile is completely acceptable and accepts that the investment strategies and products used in the management of investment accounts under said profile may suffer the total loss or, even, higher value due to the very nature of the investment strategies and products used. that are circumscribed at all times to the potential unexpected volatilities and sudden reversals of the stock markets. Therefore, it is clear that all capital invested in an investment account under this profile is a capital of which THE CLIENT is a prospect (“Profile”), does not depend for the generation of current income required in your personal / family budget, and accepts, and certifies that its net worth is sufficiently robust and its integral financial position is sufficiently solvent to meet the potential total or even superior loss of your investment, without this event negatively affecting this personal / family budget. This profile only actively invests in the short term in previously analyzed securities that present an attractive potential for appreciation or depreciation in their prices due to systemic and / or specific reasons of the underlying issuers, and in which short negotiations can be taken advantage of (short) or long (long), very short, opportunistic and speculative, with the purpose of blocking and containing capital gains in their favor. The values ​​used for this profile can be stocks, structured products, funds traded on the stock exchange, as well as options, futures, indices, CFD’s (Contracts for Difference) and other derivative and exotic products. Your need for liquidity is very low, less than 10% of the investment account.